Reasons to Outsource in 2016

The business playing field has changed and companies need to be more responsive to a rapidly changing business landscape in order to stay competitive. More and more businesses are turning to call center service outsourcing as a way to stay ahead of the pack.

reason to outsourceSuccess is not easy or guaranteed as anyone will tell you. We all look for ways to improve our chances in not only in our personal lives but in business. All businesses have one thing in common, customers. New customer, existing customers and potential customers, call them clients, patients or patrons, it’s all the same thing. They are the people who keep us in business!

Keeping customers happy is the number one job of every business and doing that can be time consuming, costly and challenging especially when you consider that customer service is not the reason most people go into business. Whether you manufacture a product, provide a service or sell something chances are your expertise is not in building and maintaining a quality customer service platform.

Fortunately there is an alternative to stumbling around and hoping that you can find, train and retain the right people to man your phones, respond emails and social media not to mention keeping up with the latest changes in the customer service landscape. The solution more and more savvy businesses are turning to are call center outsourcing services.

Call center outsourcing services enable business to concentrate on doing to their core competencies rather than being a jack of all trades. Unlike most businesses a call center’s business is customer service, from making appointments to taking orders and from providing pre-sale information to after purchase product support call centers are in the business of helping your business keep your customers happy.

A quality call center will work with you to develop a custom program that matches your current needs and has the expertise to evolve and accommodate you as you grow. Call centers take the risk out of hiring the wrong people to respond customer inquiries because that is their expertise. Finding, hiring, training and retaining the best customer service agents is what call centers do and their success is hinged to your success.

Call centers are also better equipped to stay on top of the latest advances and trends in customer service technology. Their expertise in building and maintaining state of the art communications facilities means that your business can leverage the most cutting edge technologies at a small fraction of the cost of researching and implementing them yourself.

Versatility is hallmark of a call center, inbound calls, outbound calls and digital communications via email, chat and social media can all be professionally handled with by a single resource, the outsourced call center. Today’s call centers are more than answering services, although that is a part of what they do, they are really communication hubs, a place where your customers can interact with your company or brand and receive the type of attentive service the builds and maintains loyalty.

The savings that are realized from partnering with an outsourced call center extend beyond the reducing or eliminating costly technology upgrades but are reaching into operational budgets because call center clients only pay for services rendered not for hours available. That means that a slow day or week doesn’t mean money out the window.

5 Unique Sales Tactics That Everyone Should Know and Use

salesSales are the foundation of every successful business, and knowing how to take care of this process effectively is crucial to keeping your company afloat. Quite simply, you cannot afford to get lazy or sloppy when it comes to selling your company’s brand and product.

What this means is experimentation, innovation and constant testing to find new methods that sell even better than older ones. Here are some helpful tips that revolve around just that sort of experimentation and innovation.

1. Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is essentially a large part of content marketing, and as a sales strategy, it is an often unheralded marvel! Nothing sells better than trust, and trust that leads to firmly loyal customers is one of the most powerful sales tools you can have on your side.

One of the only ways to gain this sort of customer confidence is through the development of a powerful base of rich content that shows your expertise in the niche you’re selling through. A blog is the ideal way to go with this content, and its impact can be augmented even more if the blog posts are also shared through a series of social media accounts where still more fans are slowly developed. Another strong aspect of content marketing could also include guest blogging in other sites and linking back to your main sales site or its blog where the rest of your content is.

The key to selling through content is not only one of building trust amongst your growing list of content loving fans; it’s also to create a built in call to action within the content, which forcefully but not pushily guides readers from simply reading into actually buying because you’ve convinced them.

2. Sales Outsourcing

The selling process, it’s mechanics that is, can be quite tedious, complicated and time consuming. If you’re running a small company, it might not be the easiest thing in the world to run your sales structure in a way that’s completely professional and responsive; failing to do this could hurt future buying from your customers.

One extremely useful solution that can not only save you lots of time, but also create a much more professional management image for your company, is to outsource your sales to a third party company that’s dedicated specifically to this task and everything that surrounds it.

By outsourcing your sales system to companies like Acquirent or other sales outsourcing companies, you can focus on seeking new customers and simply funneling through to a selling procedure that you know is being run well without having to actually manage it yourself. Furthermore, thanks to the outsourcing process, you can substitute all the often large sales software setup expenses and the costs of scaling up as you grow with a simple series of periodic fees to someone else who handles all of these things for you much more cheaply thanks to the economy of scale that comes with specialization.

3. Make your Focus the Customer

This isn’t just a semantic point about creating good sales PR; it’s also a very real, actionable selling strategy that can win you many more trusting customers and happy followers.

In essence, instead of simply pushing to make those bucks by hustling your product across to your customers (even if the product isn’t all that bad at all), work to impress upon them your overriding concern for their needs before anything else.

You can do this in the form of helpful free advice, honestly failing to recommend a sale if something you’re offering doesn’t address their problems or making sure that any problems they have are quickly addressed with genuine dedication. Of course, focusing on customer has its reasonable limits, especially for buyers who deliberately take advantage of your flexibility, but you should at the very least make sure that you convey to your customers that you really want to deliver value to them, not just reach into their wallet.

4. Create Hooks to the Future

This is one of the most important customer collection strategies and also a valuable tactic for creating long term revenue streams. As far as the primary step of gaining attention goes, always do your best to create a gentle motivation for further communication. For example: if people are visiting your site, offer something in exchange for an email address, thus establishing longer term contact; or, if someone attends a sales webinar, get them to commit to a more personalized session afterwards.

The key idea is to extend the communication time and thus give yourself more opportunities for creating a convincing pitch.

5. Focus on Long Term, Repeat Sales Structures

One of the best sales strategies you can implement in your company is to narrow your main focus on long term repeat sales. Finding new clients can be hard, tiresome and subject to some serious ups and downs; while developing a way of selling your products or services as repeat payment offers can lead to a more slowly developed but much more stable base of constant revenue.

This may not be easy under many kinds of business models, but wherever you can creatively change something you’re offering into a long-term service, don’t miss the chance to do so. It’s much easier to run a business where each customer only needs to be marketed to once before repeatedly buying from you than it is to pitch to fresh faces on a daily basis.

Parallel Space – Multi Accounts To Use Dual Whatsapp For Free

People often search for how to use dual whatsapp account on internet. Our daily visitors ask us via email to upload the trick to use 2 whatsapp account in their mobile. So here today, we are sharing a trick called dual whatsapp trick. This is the only website is regularly updating the trick to use multiple whatsapp account for free.

There is one application available on the internet called  Parallel Space-Multi Accounts. This application can help you to use multiple whatsapp account in your mobile phone. You can even use multiple instagram account or multiple facebook account or any thing. This is the app can be use to have anything for multiple times.

Now we move on to our main topic i.e. how to use dual whatsapp account via Parallel Space android application.

Dual Whatsapp Account Via Parallel Space Multi Accounts

Features Of Parallel Space Multi Account Android Application:

  • It can balance you life and work easily
  • Double you experience to play games or use any apps
  • Almost all android apps are supported
  • It is powerful and stable application
  • It is unique app to use multiple whatsapp account in android mobile

multiple whatsapp account

Follow the below given steps to use multiple whatsapp accounts via parallel space multi accounts:

  • First of all you have download the Parallel Space application from here: Parallel Space – Multi Accounts
  • Now open the parallel space application and click on + icon.
  • Select whatsapp icon from the list of application
  • It will add the whatsapp application on Parallel Space account
  • You just now need to verify your whatsapp account with your mobile number. Use use secondary mobile number here for dual whatsapp account.
  • That’s it. You have now installed the dual whatsapp account in your single mobile. Similarly you can create two whatsapp account of any app.

If above given trick is not working in your android mobile then you can check out this link to get more tricks to use dual whatsapp account in single mobile. They have share multi tricks include ogwhatsapp, 2 lines for whatsapp, whatsmapp solo, gbwhatsapp, disa app with step by step explanations.

Video Guidelines To Use Dual Whatsapp Account With Parallel Space Application

Image Guidelines To Use This Parallel App For Multiple Whatsapp




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