Parallel Space – Multi Accounts To Use Dual Whatsapp For Free

People often search for how to use parallel whatsapp for dual whatsapp account on internet. Our daily visitors ask us via email to upload the trick to use 2 whatsapp account in their mobile. So here today, we are sharing a trick called dual whatsapp trick. This is the only website is regularly updating the trick to use multiple whatsapp account for free.

There is one application available on the internet called  Parallel Space-Multi Accounts. This application can help you to use multiple whatsapp account in your mobile phone. You can even use multiple instagram account or multiple facebook account or any thing. This is the app can be use to have anything for multiple times.

Now we move on to our main topic i.e. how to use dual whatsapp account via Parallel Space android application. There are lots of dual whatsapp apk available on the internet to use multiple whatsapp account. But here we have shared the best parallel space whatsapp application which is working for both rooted as well non rooted device.

Dual Whatsapp Account Via Parallel Space Multi Accounts

Features Of Parallel Space Multi Account Android Application:

  • It can balance you life and work easily
  • Double you experience to play games or use any apps
  • Almost all android apps are supported
  • It is powerful and stable application
  • It is unique app to use multiple whatsapp account in android mobile

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multiple whatsapp account

Follow the below given steps to use multiple whatsapp accounts via parallel space multi accounts:

  • First of all you have download the Parallel Space application from here: Parallel Space – Multi Accounts
  • Now open the parallel space application and click on + icon.
  • Select whatsapp icon from the list of application
  • It will add the whatsapp application on Parallel Space account
  • You just now need to verify your whatsapp account with your mobile number. Use use secondary mobile number here for dual whatsapp account.
  • That’s it. You have now installed the dual whatsapp account in your single mobile. Similarly you can create two whatsapp account of any app.

If above given trick is not working in your android mobile then you can check out this link to get more tricks to use dual whatsapp account in single mobile. They have share multi tricks include ogwhatsapp, 2 lines for whatsapp, whatsmapp solo, gbwhatsapp, disa app with step by step explanations.

Video Guidelines To Use Dual Whatsapp Account With Parallel WhatsApp

Image Guidelines To Use This Parallel App For Multiple Whatsapp




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HD wallpaper for mobile is most trending this days. People are searching the best wallpaper for mobile 2017. So here finally on the special demand of our visitors, we are sharing the all new collection of hd wallpaper for mobile.

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What Is HD Wallpapers For Mobile?

HD stands for High Definitions which means the quality of the pictures with higher resolutions. So HD wallpaper for mobile means the mobile wallpaper with high definition quality which means the picture is having higher resolution so that it can be set to any higher definition resolution mobile phone.

Steps To Download Wallpaper For Mobile?

It is very easy that anyone can download this wallpaper for mobile from our website. You just need to follow some steps to get this picture to your mobile phone.

  1. First select the wallpaper for mobile which you wants to download from our website
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  5. Done

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Rip & Download Online Videos in 2 Clicks With

I love to see some movies or videos online again and again ! But what I don’t like is to wait for it to buffer and make it running. Are we alike? Then I got something for you which might be of your interest. Why don’t we download the video all at once ? Its cool right ? But how do we download it ? Leave it to to download the video.

What is ? is a web application that works for you as a free video ripper. The procedure to rip videos on the site is pretty easy which will be explained the latter part of the article. They do have a Desktop software as well to ease working on the downloading and ripping part.


Why should one use

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List of Supported Sites:

Here is a list of supported sites from which you can rip and download videos.

  • Youtube
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Do I get localized service ?

Well I know that people outside of US or people residing in countries like China or Japan love to have everything in their locale. So to help these kind of users the site provides multiple locale support. You can always switch to any locale by clicking on the Nationals at the Top Right corner. The Locales supported as of now are

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Some Useful Features of the site:

Video Ripping:

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Its all for Free !
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How to rip videos on the Site [ Procedure ]:

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